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Rectangular stainless steel water tank product introduction and scope of application

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

Rectangular stainless steel water tank refers to the use of different stainless steel materials. The stainless steel water tank body is assembled by convex template (1000*1000, 1000*500, 500*500). Because the appearance is rectangular, it is called rectangular stainless steel water tank. The long name is a square stainless steel water tank. According to the structure of the site, different size requirements, different tonnage requirements for flexible assembly, less consumables, high structural strength, no large lifting equipment, easy to transport.

Rectangular stainless steel water tank product features

Safe and hygienic, the whole system is closed, the stainless steel material is smooth in appearance, it is not easy to attach algae, the sediment in the water is also clearly washed. The insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam, and the heat preservation effect is good. At present, the world's better stainless steel insulated water tank material.

Rectangular stainless steel water tank device for any combination

The unit rectangular stainless steel forming sheet is assembled and welded, and can be arbitrarily combined into a polygonal water tank, a stepped shape, an L shape and the like according to the installation place of the equipment.

Rectangle stainless steel water tank material is excellent in corrosion resistance and crack resistance

Use austenitic, ferritic, low-carbon stainless steel sheet with excellent performance for tensile pressing.

Rectangular stainless steel water tanks are well-made and widely used

The hydraulic forming of the precision molding die is high, and the rectangular concave and convex water tank plate has high molding precision. It can be applied to the hot and cold water storage tanks of hotels, apartments, high-rise buildings, manufacturers, and liquid storage containers for food, medicine and chemical industries. The style is novel and beautiful, and the rectangular shape forming plate or the embossing plate is randomly assembled and welded. It can be arbitrarily combined into rectangular, polygonal, stepped, L-shaped and other stainless steel water tanks according to different places. The water tank has a smooth line shape, a good three-dimensional effect and can beautify the city.

Rectangular stainless steel water tanks Scope: Industrial, civil building water supply, HVAC, fire protection systems, food, beverage, wine, water treatment industry, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry