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Stainless steel water tower installation method and maintenance cleaning method

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

Stainless steel water tower installation method

1. Household stainless steel water towers can generally be placed on the roof. The water tower below 2T does not need a separate foundation. The vertical water tower above 3T is used to make the foundation separately. After the water tower is in place, it can be used according to the size of the joint hole. Opposite (flat bottom) water tower, the bottom of which can be covered with a layer of fine sand to make the base evenly contact. Horizontal water towers and vertical water towers smaller than 3T are equipped with tripods, which must be leveled during installation.

2. The sewage outlet can be used for cleaning dirt, and can be connected to the sewage. It can also be installed with a thread plug to discharge the material on the spot, and the user can handle it according to the situation.

3. The overflow port is used for the overflow of the water tower and the overflow of the float valve. It can be connected to the sewage and can be drained on the spot.

4. Vertical (flat bottom) water tower with a flange with a hole at the bottom. When installing, the wire can be tightened with the wall or fixed with an expansion screw on a separate foundation.

5. The float valve should be inspected regularly (usually from January to March). If it is found to be malfunctioning, it should be repaired in time.

Stainless steel water tower maintenance method

1, cleaning

Most of the rural well water contains sediment. It takes a long time to settle down. At the bottom of the water tower, there is usually a sewage outlet. When installing, a valve should be connected. Regular cleaning and opening of the valve will remove the sediment.

2, about fixing

When the water tower is full of water, the weight carried is very large, and it can be fixed. If it is impossible to know whether it is water or not, it is necessary to fix it. You can use expansion nails or cement mortar.

3. About automatic water supply and water stoppage

The water pump can use AB switch, which can realize automatic water supply, water full stop, water running out and automatic water circulation. Water supply can be controlled by floating ball valve to realize circulating water.

Stainless steel water tower cleaning method

1. Close the inlet valve, open the drain plug (or valve), and use the remaining water in the water tower to drain it;

2. The water tower with ladders can climb into the water tower along the ladder. The water tower without ladders can use 2 bamboo ladders (moderately high), which are respectively placed inside and outside the water tower. When there is protection, they can climb into the water tower;

3. Wipe the water tower around the bottom and the bottom with a clean mop or rag. If the bottom is heavily fouled, use a soft towel and decontamination powder.

4. Open the inlet valve, put a proper amount of cleaning the wall and bottom of the washing tank, so that the dirt can be drained from the sewage outlet, and if necessary, repeat it several times until it is satisfactory;

5. Tighten the drain plug, open the inlet valve, let the tower refill, and the cleaning is over.