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Guangyi secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer creates value for partners

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

Secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer product composition: feeding system, reaction system, control system, hybrid absorption system, safety system

The secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer is easy to install and so on. The integration of the equipment, compact structure, reasonable layout, the footprint is greatly reduced; the water consumption has also dropped significantly. The degree of automation has been significantly improved, making installation, maintenance and equipment operation very simple and convenient. It can be seen that the improvement of the performance of the DCD-L series products is not simple, partial, but overall.

Secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer reaction principle:


Secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer using raw materials: sodium chlorate (GB/T1618-1995 industrial first-class products, content ≥ 99%); hydrochloric acid (GB320-93 industrial first-class products, concentration ≥ 31%).

The generator has a manual/automatic switch that can switch the operating mode of the device. The salt-dissolving tank can accommodate the raw materials required for the operation of the equipment for 168 hours. When the equipment is salt-deficient, only solid chlorate is added; the dissolved salt tank has a residual window of chlorate remaining, which is convenient for observing the remaining amount of raw materials. The cell has a corrosion-resistant temperature sensor that automatically controls the cell temperature to no more than 40 degrees Celsius.

Secondary water supply stainless steel sterilizer performance characteristics:

◆ The compound disinfectant with chlorine dioxide as the main and chlorine as the auxiliary, the CLO2 content is more than 75% according to the available chlorine.

◆ Raw material transportation adopts flow meter dosing, simple operation, accurate feeding, unsuitable blockage and stable operation.

◆ The main reactor inside the equipment adopts imported composite materials with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a long service life.

◆ The total conversion rate of raw materials is ≥85%, and the energy consumption is low.

◆ The equipment is semi-automatically operated, and there is no need for special guards after adding raw materials.

◆ The top of the bucket is especially suitable for places with low water pressure.