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Solar stainless steel water heater accessories introduction

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

At present, there are many kinds of solar stainless steel water heaters for sale in the market. The main position of the solar stainless water heater market is the non-pressure full glass vacuum tube solar stainless steel water heater, but hundreds of brands of solar stainless steel water heaters are dazzling, good or bad. No way to distinguish. Therefore, consumers have to master some key knowledge and purchasing skills of solar stainless steel water heaters when purchasing solar stainless steel water heaters. This is especially important for you to introduce the choice of water tanks for consumers' reference.

The solar stainless steel water heater water tank is mainly composed of inner liner, thermal insulation layer and outer casing, and should meet the following requirements: good thermal insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.

Liner: The service life of the tank depends on the quality of the tank liner and the environment in which it is used. The quality of the tank liner depends on the materials and processing techniques chosen.

There are many choices of liner materials, but it is currently recognized that stainless steel SUS3042B has corrosion resistance, which is also called "food grade stainless steel". There are two main processing techniques: roll forming and welding. Roll forming is processed at room temperature, and has no effect on the material material, so corrosion resistance. Welding is generally performed by argon-shielded welding or pulse welding, but it has an effect on the stainless steel material: intergranular corrosion is likely to occur in the welding area, and the weld has a strong adsorption capacity for chloride ions, resulting in a decrease in corrosion resistance of the weld. Especially in the annular welds on the sides of the tank and the joints of the ends of the water tank, corrosion is easy to occur. Usually, the welded inner tanks are firstly corroded and leaked from these places. Therefore, the liner processing technology is the first choice for roll-formed solar products.

Insulation: The insulation layer is the part between the outer skin and the inner tank. The performance of the insulation layer directly affects the actual amount of hot water available for solar energy. At present, the insulation material of solar stainless steel water heater is mainly polyurethane, which is recognized as civil insulation. Better material. The process level of polyurethane foaming is very important. The ordinary polyurethane foaming equipment is simple, using low-pressure foaming machine or manual foaming. The raw materials are mixed unevenly and the heat is lost quickly. Without high-temperature curing treatment, once the temperature rises, it will cause twice. Foaming, swells the tank casing and squeezes the liner. In addition, the foaming material is better, and the inferior polyurethane foam is not insulated after one or two years of foaming. Under the same materials and technical conditions, the foaming thickness plays a decisive role in the heat preservation effect.

However, since the solar stainless steel water heater insulation layer is covered by the water tank casing, it is somewhat troublesome to select. Generally, the foam layer of brand-name products adopts high-pressure foaming of the machine, and the foamed layer is dense and heavy, and the whole water tank is often heavy. It can also be like buying watermelons. The insulation layer of poor quality products is uneven, there will be gaps, and there will be hollow sounds when hitting by hand, especially the position of the heads on both sides of the water tank. Another method is to check the insulation layer at the vacuum tube hole of the water tank. Only this part can be seen. It can be seen that the thickness of the water tank insulation layer can also be pressed by hand. The polyurethane material with the matching ratio will harden after hardening. The finger can only squeeze a trace very reluctantly. If you can easily push out a pit to explain the insulation of the product.

Shell: Solar stainless steel water heater tank shell protects the insulation layer. If the quality is not enough, it will cause cracking. The inner insulation layer is directly exposed to the outside, which seriously affects the insulation performance, and further increases the corrosion of the liner and causes water leakage. The outer casing is made of various materials: aluminum alloy, color steel plate, stainless steel plate, and galvanized sheet. It should be noted that the contact gap of each mating surface of the outer casing should not be too large, there should be no looseness and overflow of the thermal insulation material, the appearance should not be scratched, and scratches will accelerate corrosion.