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Components of non-negative pressure stainless steel water supply equipment

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

There are various forms of non-negative pressure equipment on the market:

1. Voltage-compensated type non-negative pressure stainless steel water supply equipment

2. Box type non-negative pressure stainless steel water supply equipment

3. Stacking high-position storage stainless steel water supply equipment

4. Tap water pumping station

Non-negative pressure stainless steel water supply equipment mainly consists of no negative pressure steady flow tank, pressure tank (diaphragm or airbag type expansion tank), no negative pressure control cabinet, water pump, motor, filter, backflow preventer, sensor, electric contact pressure gauge , pipeline components, bases, etc.

1, no negative pressure flow controller

The non-negative pressure controller monitors and controls the pressure in the municipal pipe network and the compensation tank at all times. When the tap water pressure is insufficient, no negative pressure controller starts to work, ensuring that the water pressure of the municipal pipe network is not affected, not only ensuring the safety of the user water. Stable, while ensuring the stability of the municipal pipe network pressure.

2, two-way compensation device

The two-way compensation of the energy storage and release adjustment device can automatically compensate the water supply network for continuous water volume, and can also play a role of voltage regulation compensation for the user pipe network to ensure that the device does not generate negative pressure on the water pipe network. During the low peak period of water supply, the two-way compensator starts to work, and the high-pressure water at the outlet end of the pump is led to the high-pressure chamber to continue to replenish water. When the liquid level gradually rises, the pressurized nitrogen gas is squeezed back into the energy storage device, thus completing the low peak period. In the process of water replenishment in the tank, when the peak water supply or the pressure of the municipal pipe network drops, the energy storage device releases energy, squeezes the high pressure chamber water to the constant pressure chamber, and replenishes the water together with the municipal water in the constant pressure chamber, thus Completed the process of replenishing water to users during peak hours.

3, energy storage

The energy storage device is built-in pre-pressurized with water-insoluble nitrogen. When the water is supplied during the peak period, the energy is released and the high-pressure chamber water is squeezed to the constant pressure chamber pipe network to fully replenish the principle of energy conservation law to achieve water supply to the user during the peak period. The water in the water can be compensated to the user's pipe network, suppressing the generation of negative pressure, and ensuring that it does not affect the municipal pipe network.