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Folding non-negative pressure water supply system introduction

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

The traditional water supply method is inseparable from the water storage tank. The water in the water storage tank is generally supplied by the water pipe network. Thus, the original pressurized water enters the pool and becomes zero, and then pressurizes from zero, causing a large amount of electricity. Energy waste. The universal non-negative pressure variable frequency water supply system is an ideal energy-saving water supply system. It is a secondary water supply device that can directly connect with the water pipe network and does not have any side effects on the water pipe network. On the basis of the direct superimposed water supply, energy conservation, and also has a full closure, no pollution, small footprint, quick installation, reliable operation, easy maintenance and many other advantages.

Folding non-negative pressure water supply system equipment principle

The non-negative pressure water supply system makes full use of the original pressure energy of the water pipe network. In the case of the same water supply demand, the pump and control equipment with relatively small power can be selected, and the water pressure of the tap water can be directly used in the case of low-flow water at night. Water supply without starting the pump. Compared with the traditional water supply system with a pool, it can save a lot of energy running costs and investment costs.

Folding non-negative pressure water supply system equipment features

1. It can be directly connected with the water pipe network in series. It is not necessary to build a pool or water tank. The equipment is small in investment. Compared with other water supply systems, it can save equipment costs by 20%~60%.

2, make full use of the original pressure of the pipe network, only to compensate for the lack of water pressure, compared with the general frequency conversion water supply system, can save 50 ~ 90%.

3. No water leakage, dripping, dripping, etc., running water, saving more than 10%.

4. Completely solve the secondary pollution problem of the pool and water tank, and clean it safely.

5. When the power is cut off, the original water supply of tap water can be used as the old water supply, and the power supply will not stop.

6, the construction period is short, the floor space is small, mechanical and electrical integration, and equipment is convenient.

7. Because the pool and water tank are removed, there is no problem with the equipment of the float valve, the pump bottom valve and the intake and exhaust valve with high disease rate. Therefore, the equipment operation rate is low, the repair workload is small, the stability is firm, and the service life is long. Easy to handle.

8. Make full use of the intelligent control function of the electronic anti-negative pressure equipment, which can meet the water needs of the most satisfied users.

9. The pressure tank has various maintenance functions such as overcurrent, phase loss, overpressure, underpressure, and water shortage, and the service life is long.

Folding non-negative pressure water supply system product features

1. Saving investment: saving about 50% of investment, no need to build a water storage tank or roof water tank, using laminated water supply to reduce the initial investment of equipment.

2, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating costs: can make full use of the municipal pipe network water supply pressure, how much, how much, no negative pressure, compared with the traditional water supply system can save 30% -90%. Power outages can also maintain the water supply to the municipal pipe network.

3, high degree of intelligence, simple operation, saving manpower: The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic intelligent controller, which is adjusted according to the user's water consumption and the tap water pressure of the pipe network, and is unattended. And the use of human-machine interface (text, digital) display, so that customers can more intuitively see the operation of the device.

4. Environmental sanitation: The equipment is fully enclosed and completely eliminated from secondary pollution of water sources.

Folding non-negative pressure water supply system

1. Residential water for high-rise buildings, residential quarters, villas, etc.

2. Daily water use in enterprises, institutions, hotels, office buildings, department stores, large saunas, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports, etc.

3. Production water for production, washing equipment, food industry, factories, industrial and mining.

4. Others: renovation of old pool water supply and other forms of water supply.