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The role of stainless steel water meter water separator in different systems

Edit:Muzhiquan-Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.  PublicDate:2019-05-24

In the floor heating system, the manifolds manage a number of branch pipes, and are equipped with exhaust valves, automatic thermostatic valves, etc., which are generally more copper.

The water transfer system, or other industrial water systems, also manages a number of branch pipelines, including the return water branch and the water supply branch, but the larger plurality of DN350-DN1500 are made of steel plates, which are pressure vessels. A professional manufacturing company, which needs to install a pressure gauge thermometer, an automatic exhaust valve, a safety valve, a vent valve, etc., a pressure regulating valve is required between the two containers, and an automatic bypass line auxiliary is required;

The tap water supply system and the use of the water meter water separator effectively avoid the loopholes in tap water management, centrally install and manage the water meter, and reduce the procurement cost of the pipe with the single-tube multi-channel use, and reduce the construction time and improve the efficiency. The tap water meter water separator is directly connected to the aluminum-plastic main pipeline through the different diameter, and the water meter is installed in the water meter pool (water meter room) to achieve one household, one table, outdoor installation and outdoor viewing. At present, the renovation of households across the country is in full swing.