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Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Guangyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing solar water heaters, stainless steel water tanks, stainless steel sterilizers, stainless steel water heaters, stainless steel water towers, stainless steel insulated water tank manufacturers, rectangular stainless steel water tanks, stainless steel water supply tanks, stainless steel water supply equipment, water meter water separators, water supply systems. , stainless steel water storage tanks, stainless steel containers, stainless steel non-standard products manufacturers. It has the first-class engineering and technical personnel in the same industry and two domestic advanced production lines: solar water heating equipment production line and stainless steel production line. The company has: 5 tons of self-driving, large shearing, bending machine, rounding machine, 800 tons of stainless steel water tank standard plate hydraulic press, multi-mode CNC punching machine, plasma CNC cutting bed, automatic foaming machine, wheel straight seam automatic welding Machine, door type straight seam automatic welding machine, ring seam automatic welding machine, pipe joint automatic welding machine, flange automatic welding machine, automatic lifting welding platform, automatic lifting foaming platform, automatic polishing machine and other automatic processing equipment.

The company has a number of product patents. Among them, Guangyi Company has taken the lead in launching the “cookie box” structure for the production of solar hot water project collector-solar engineering header without automatic production equipment resulting in unstable product quality. Developed the first domestic solar energy engineering box mold automatic welding production line, which greatly extended the service life of the key component of the solar water heating engineering system - solar engineering header, this technology made Guangyi company become a domestic A quality supplier in the field of hot water engineering.

The “Muzhiquan” trademark is a registered trademark of Guangyi Company. Since the establishment of Guangyi Company, we have made great efforts to be the first-class products in the industry. The company has taken up the details of equipment procurement, process layout, employee training, etc., formulated perfect operation instructions, standardized production, and all products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management. System Certification.

Over the years, Guangyi Company has been adhering to the customer's needs as the center and dedicated service. The products produced have superior performance and reliable quality, thus winning the trust of customers. The products are rapidly spreading throughout the country, and the sales volume is increasing day by day. Russia, the Middle East and Africa and other countries and regions.

The achievement of the achievements, Guangyi people will never be complacent, will continue: dedicated dedication, the pursuit of excellence.

Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate business, hotline: 020-36130618 Sales Manager: 15989064169 (Mr. Liao)